The Torch Bearers
IIT, then IIM and now a CEO. A man of grit and determination. Ankit always ‘receives’
you with a smile, ‘puts away’ doubts and lives Unicommerce every day.
Einstein of Unicommerce , the brain behind it all. Unicommerce and Karun are synonyms
now a days :)
The COO who makes a huge difference in the organization every day. Always on his
toes, he is either helping his team mates or working to keep the clients happy.
Vibhu is our Big Brother in disguise
Manish wears many hats at work; operating zealously and totally devoted to work,
he leads his team by example.
Product Team - Improving the Product One Step at a Time
Support Team - Always Ready to Help
Sales Team - The Face of Unicommerce
And of course our Adviser. Without whom Team is incomplete!
Ankush Mehra, A prolific Supply Chain specialist, with over 20 years of work experience,
known for creating and managing highly responsive yet cost effective and efficient solutions.
Help us making it better, Join our team!
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