Bad Inventory Management Makes Even
Growing Business Feels Like A Nightmare.

Unicommerce Inventory Management Software

Inventory management becomes all the more
crucial when you are doing good business.
Communicating correct inventory level real time
to all channels and allocating inventory to orders
are too important to be done manually. That’s why
our inventory management software for ecommerce
lets you automate it, define criterias, set
priorities so that you never oversell.

Communicate with Vendors

Faster than a Phone Call
Cheaper than an Email

At absolutely no additional cost, you can give your
vendors limited access to your system. Whenever
they want, all the vendors can see and update
their inventory, pricing, pending Purchase Orders,
Receipts, etc. Online Inventory management was never so easy.

That’s why we don’t get surprised when our
customers report us that their relationships with
vendors have improved after using Unicommerce, the only inventory software in India built for e-commerce!

Inventory & Salt.
Must Always Be In ‐ Just The Right Amount.

Inventory & Salt Must Always Be In

You order too much and it leaves a bad taste in
your mouth, sometimes for months (we are talking
about excessive Carrying Costs here).
You order too little and it leaves a bland taste in
your Customer’s mouth.

You see, its an Art. And Good news is, Uniware with
its vast experience and deep expertise in
e-commerce has mastered this art of ecommerce inventory management.

What’s more, it’s completely in your control. We just
help you control better. You’ll never face out of stock problem
in your e-commerce business.
E.g. If you want to treat B2B inventory different
from Dropship inventory, you can easily do that
with Uniware.

Experience True Power of Barcoding.
More Information Is More Power.

We are here to Empower you. We have designed
the Online Inventory Software to work extremely well with Barcoding. Whether IMEI number of mobile handset or exact weight of expensive jewelleries or the margins you made on any item – finest details of each item at your fingertips, from purchase to possible Return. It is built specifically for inventory management of e-commerce business.

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