Unicommerce SCM Solutions – Omni channel
Omni channel solution is the key to ensure same level of customer experience irrespective of where the customer decide to purchase from (online marketplace or offline store).

Unicommerce Omni Channel Solution enables central management of orders and inventory of online & offline stores.It also help e-retailers in routing of online order to nearest store, thus providing a uniform experience to customers and also lead to minimize logistics cost.

Inventory Management
View Real time inventory and update stock
against multiple locations

Order Processing
Easy Order management across all stores by seamless integration of online and offline businessess

Easy logistic operations to provide flexibility to customer to Pick-Up from store or Receive at the door

Handles returns at multiple store locations with ease using our return management features.

Progress Report Tracking
Track daily/weekly operational activities across businessess to improve productivity and enhance growth

Unicommerce Omni Channel Solutions Key Benefits:
  1. Improving Sales
  2. Higher margins
  3. Building brands
  4. Improved Customer’s Satisfaction
  5. Improved Productivity and Data Collection

Dynamic Order Allocation

Robust dynamic allocation for online orders to ensure that the online orders get routed to nearest offline store to minimize logistic cost. The order routing is flexible, and can be done based on the pincode, city location, state location etc.

Minimize logistics cost Flexible rule definition for order allocation
Scalable solutions to manage 1000+ stores
Online/Offline Store Integration

Unicommerce Omni channel solution provides a seamless integration of offline and online stores including websites and marketplaces.
Processing of online, website or offline store orders can be easily managed across multiple store location providing uniform customer experience which is the key to success in Omni channel retailing.

Pre-integrated 40+ Marketplaces Process orders in bulk for quick dispatch
Manage online, website , offline store orders from a single panel
Centralized Order Management

Unicommerce Omni channel solution comes with pre-integrated world’s leading marketplaces and cart solutions, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Magento, Shopify etc, so along with managing your offline store orders, dispatch your online orders fatser by printing invoices, labels and manifests in a few clicks.

POS Label Print
Invoice Manifest Print
Centralized Inventory Management

Our inventory management software lets you centralize the inventory for both online & offline businessess and auto sync the inventory across 40+ Marketplaces.It lets you automate inventory, define criteria and set priorities so that you never oversell. Using Unicommerce omni channel solution ensures entire offline inventory gets online helping better inventory turnover, and reducing the cost of working capital, in addition to increasing sales.

Automatic inventory replenishment Centrailzed Inventory Visibility
Logistics integration

Purchasing Shipments is the backbone of E-commerce/retail industry. we understand this and that’s why Unicommerce comes with pre-integrated with 30+ logistics partners and self managed logistics which helps you deal with any Geographical Restrictions and pushes you to sell anywhere

Pre-integrated 30+ Logistics Partners Assign courier partner based on factors like weight, serviceability etc
Track self shipped orders
ERP Integration

Unicommerce allows you to seamlessly integrate information of your online business(order, inventory etc.) across 40+ marketplaces with any ERP(SAP, Oracle, Navision etc.) to centralize your website, marketplaces and offline inventory

Push inventory from your ERP to 40+ online marketplaces. Integrate online business with any ERP(SAP, Oracle, Navision etc.)
Get marketplace orders in your ERP/Accounting Software
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